VUKE U18/A - A csapat felveszi a játék tempóját

    2023. Február 15.
    1 éve
    Fűzfői AK 66-86 VUKE A.
    (12-20; 20-14; 16-31; 18-21).
    IDŐPONT: 2023.02.14. 17:45
    HELYSZÍN:  Balatonfüred. Radnóti Miklós Általános Iskola.
    EDZŐK: David Martos Bertelli és Mádar András.
    Edzői értékelés: 
    We started without pressing the ball in defense and with a certain stasis in attack, which meant that in minute 4 we were 5-5. From here, the team woke up and played a very good end of the period.
    In the second quarter we started out of the game again and without defensive tension, which made the rival get closer on the scoreboard, even tied at 24, and reached the break 2 under on the scoreboard, thanks to 9/11 in shots free. We played in streaks, especially in defense, and we were selfish in attack.
    Reflecting at halftime on what we should have to break the game made us better defend the ball and know how to choose when to play 1v1 or when 5v5 and we took a 17-point lead at the end of the third quarter. The last period was an exchange between both teams that moved the differences between 15 and 21 points of advantage for the final +20.
    In summary, we were able to play more good minutes than last Thursday, but from +36 in the first leg we have gone to +20 in the second leg which, despite the casualties, should help us to be more alert during matches and continue working on the improvement to be able to stand up to the teams above.
    Lastly, I have to congratulate the opposing team for their game philosophy, their daring and for how well they played.
    The pace and the "follow-up" in training is good, now it is necessary to add those who are lagging behind and/or injured so that when they go out on track the changes are less noticeable.
    Upcoming U18 A and B matches:
    Saturday 25:.
    10:00 in Vetési, VUKE U18/A against Tata.
    12:00 in Vetési, VUKE U18/B against Tata.
    15:30 in Varpalota, local against VUKE U18/A.
    We keep working, we keep improving.
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