Visszalépés az U18/A csapat számara Fehérváron

    2023. Január 12.
    1 éve

    Dávid Kornél KA/B 88-67 VUKE U18/A.

    IDŐPONT: 2023-01-10 19:00
    HELYSZÍN: Bory Jenő Általános Iskola, Sszékesfehérvár
    Edzők: David Martos Bertelli és Mádar András.

     Although the attitude was good, we came out very badly in defense and Zoli's early and serious injury weighed us down. In addition, Szabi suffered from his injury and could not play either, being 8 for the entire game.
    We started very badly in defense, but we played decently in attack, but without great success in penetrations or in the open shots we got. With Zoli's injury we lowered our guard, we were more selfish in attack and defense and the rival escaped from 12-10 to 26-16.
    In the second quarter we managed to defend better, but in attack we went back 4 months in the work done and we returned to September where we hardly played without the ball and it was difficult for us to pass. So 45-27 at halftime.
    In the second part we defended something better, although the rival was still strong In the offensive rebound, which crushed us throughout the game. In attack, without brilliance, we moved a little more without the ball and passed a little better, and although we lacked altruism, we greatly improved what we did in the first half.
    Far from being a game to forget, it is a game to have Everything that remains of the season is very present, since if we do not continue working and insisting on the team, we will not be able to automate and leave in our DNA that team game that we want to develop. Also, we missed a lot of layups and free shots, which is not normal.
    So, without making any drama about the game, we must be clear that without training we are not competitive, that we must follow the path of technical and tactical work that we have been developing and how well we were doing and that we need to be more altruistic on the pitch.
    On Sunday it will be time to play against Tata one of the best teams in the Group. So patience and attitude.
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