U18/A - Jó úton haladunk

    2022. November 20.
    1 éve
    Dunaújvárosi Sárkányok U18 47-124 VUKE U18/A
    8-35, 17-23 (25-58), 13-29 (38-87), 9-37

    IDŐPONT: 2022-11-19 12:00
    HELYSZÍN: Vetési Albert Gimnázium, Veszprém.
    Edzők: David Martos Bertelli és Mádar András.
    The match took place in Vetési although ours played as visitors.
    The VUKE boys started the game imposing a great defensive rhythm that complicated the attacks of the Dunaujvaros B team, which meant that we could go 8-35 at the end of the first quarter. But a bad start to the second period meant that the rival was able to score 17 points in a period with a 17-23 run going to halftime 25-58.
    After the break, we recovered our best version and we were able to score fluently and we improved the defense of the Direct PIck as well as the passing lanes, which made us win both periods with superiority to end up winning 47-124.
    Great job by all the boys, although the boys who double A-B must learn to raise their game pace to keep up with what the team requires.
    PS: A shame today's injuries. Szabi misfooted in the first match (between VUKE B and AF-Dunaúj. A) and his ankle swelled a lot and in the last minute of this match Kornél, in the fight for a ball, misfooted and sprained another one.
    We wish both of them a speedy recovery so that they can return to helping their teammates on the court.

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