U18/A - Hasznos felkészülési meccsek

    2022. Augusztus 29.
    1 éve
    David Kornél KA - U18 VUKE
    78-46 (23-15; 26-10; 14-10; 15-11)

    IDŐPONT: 2022-08-25 15:00
    HELYSZÍN: Bencés Iskola, Iskola
    BAJNOKSÁG: Barátságos mérkőzés
    Edző: David Martos Bertelli és Mádar András

    Edző értékelése: After a good start to the game, the rival imposed his physique and his good game without the ball in the middle of the court to get a good lead at half-time.
    Our guys knew how to work after the break against a team that had already played a game before ours and that wasn't as fresh in the second half. In spite of that, great credit to David and András' boys because they pressed very well at full court in some moments and won the partial from minute 25 to 35.
    On the negative side, we didn't know how to close the rebound well and we lost quite a few balls, which added up, gave the rival 24 more shots.
    U18 VUKE - Budapesti Honvéd SE U17
    53-101 (10-23; 25-30; 6-21; 12-27)

    IDŐPONT: 2022-08-25 16:35
    HELYSZÍN: Bences Iskola, Tinahy
    BAJNOKSÁG: Barátságos mérkőzés
    Edző: Bertelli Martos Dávid

    Edző értékelése:
    We played against a very good rival who pushed the 40 minutes of the game. We didn't know how to defend their strong points, except in sporadic moments, and we were only inspired in attack in the second quarter.
    Even so, the team did not stop fighting throughout the match, despite playing in an almost continuous miss match.
    The rebound and the excessive turnovers meant that the rival could shoot 37 times more to the basket than us.
    These pre-season games are great to see what level we start at so we can evolve and improve during the season. Both rivals played very good basketball, so we must congratulate them and thank them for the opportunity to have played a friendly against them, which should motivate us to continue training hard.

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