Két nagyon eltérő arcát mutatta az U18/A a Tata elleni meccsén

    2023. Április 17.
    7 hónapja
    IDŐPONT: 2023.04.16. 16:00.
    HELYSZÍN: Kőkuti Általános Iskola. Tata.
    EDZŐ: David Martos Bertelli.

    TSE Basket U18 116-47 - VUKE U18/A.
    36-11, 27-5, 22-10 és 31-21.
    Edzői értékelés: 
    Defeat with two very different faces against a leader who did not forgive any failure.
    We came out decently, both in attack and defense, but after a few minutes we stopped pressing the ball and boxing out the rebound in defense, which meant that the opponent, who attacked the offensive rebound very well, had 2.3 and up to 4 shots per attack, which they took advantage of mercilessly.
    In the second quarter, we improved our rebounding and defending the ball somewhat and it was noticeable, but we were bad in attack, without any idea, without moving well the ball and off ball against the aggressive defense of the rival team, especially against their 1-3-1.
    After the break the team clicked and played at their level, especially in defense in the 3rd period and in attack during the last. We knew how to have defensive and offensive intensity, we passed better and, consequently, we obtained better shots that did go in. A pity the final 0-8 since we could have come back 18 points compared to the previous game and not just 10.
    Anyway, the rival will play the final and, perhaps, the final 4 of the West of Hungary region and we wish them luck in that because they are a great team.
    For our part, in two weeks we will play for 3rd place in the group against the loser of Dunauj A vs DKKA/B.
    The work is coming out and that is the most important thing, not even the casualties of 4 starters/important players have stopped our growth in the game.
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