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    2023. Március 05.
    8 hónapja
    DKKA/B 88 - 44 VUKE/B
    25-8, 28-14, 18-9, 17-13

    IDŐPONT: 2023.03.02. 19:00
    HELYSZÍN:  Bory Jenő Általános Iskola. Székesféhervar
    EDZŐK: Mádar András és Szeifert Zalán
    Edzői értékelés: 

    Defeat of the boys on a complicated track against a good rival.
    In general terms, we defended much better in the second half than in the first half, which is why we can be relatively happy with the development of the game, especially in defense.
    In the second part we played much better, but we were left with the feeling that the distance on the scoreboard was somewhat larger than what was seen on the court.
    Részletes statisztika:  
    Várpalota KK 70-94 VUKE U18/B.
    26-23, 4-28, 16-21, 24-22.
    IDŐPONT: 2023.03.04 11:00
    HELYSZÍN:  Várpalota. Gál Gyula Sportcsarnok.
    EDZŐ:  David Martos Bertelli.
    Edzői értékelés: 
    Great match for the boys from B.
    We plan the game so that everyone gains responsibility, minutes and experience in a season with few games and a very tight schedule.
    Before we started playing, we talked about how we had to play at our own pace, choose our shots and not let their point guards and centers play at the pace that suits them.
    We started very badly in defense and, although we were successful in attack, we did not play as a team or choose our shots well, which allowed our opponent to win the first period.
    After two minutes of rest, the boys came out doing what they were asked to do and the opponent was down to 4 points, due to a good defense and a good selection of shots that meant that when we missed the shot, the opponent did not score easily.

    After the break, without the same success or the same great work, we continue like this.
    But in the last quarter we lowered our defensive level and we committed too many fouls.
    In addition, in attack, we select the shots worse.

    Good match for the U-18/B group, also made up of U-16s.
    Részletes statisztika:  
    VUKE B 71-96 Fűzfői AK.
    15-26; 13-19; 21-27 and 22-24.
    IDŐPONT: 2023.03.05. 9:00
    HELYSZÍN:  Veszprém. Vetési Albert Gimnázium.
    EDZŐK:  Mádar András és David Martos Bertelli.
    Edzői értékelés: 
    Bad game in defense of ours against a very well trained rival who has punished us for every mistake.
    It is true that it was the third game in less than 72 hours for the kids, but we came out of the game quite cold, especially in defense where we could not stand the 1v1 of their base nor were we able to defend the cuts from the weak side.
    Thus, the rival scored easily and we only attacked well in gusts and that is why Fuzfo managed to go +23 at the end of the third period.
    In the last quarter we got to within 14 points, but the rival again imposed their game to finish +25.
    In any case, a good week for the boys who, with 3 games, have shown their faces at all times and have improved game by game.
    Részletes statisztika:  
    10-28, 12-22 (22-50), 23-30 (45-80) és 14-29.
    IDŐPONT: 2023.03.05. 9:00
    HELYSZÍN:  Veszprém. Vetési Albert Gimnázium.
    EDZŐ:  David Martos Bertelli.
    Edzői értékelés: 
    Match to streaks against the leader.
    We went well in defense for the first 3 minutes, but after the visitor's timeout (2-6) the rival managed to leave on the scoreboard thanks to their game in transition and their aggressive and very good defense. It was difficult for us to make contact in the 1-on-1 defense and the help arrived late, which is why the rival scored between 22 and 30 points per period.
    In attack it was so difficult for us to overcome the defense in 1v1 as to pass the ball and that made the rival leave +18 in the first quarter.
    In the second period we improved defensively and stopped something
    the rival scoring streak, in fact it was the room in which we got the fewest points.
    After the break we improved a lot in attack with very good ball movement and, this time, good 1v1, but in defense we were too soft and we made many mistakes against a very well-trained team that knows how to make the most of both its virtues and its mistakes on the contrary.
    In the last quarter we came out very badly, which led to the rival increasing the advantage; after some changes we improved front and rear and only a bad last minute and a half made us end up with a bad taste in our mouths.
    Knowing that they are the leader and that in September we lost 45, the result is not bad at all, but we are a very soft team, with a lot of allergy to contact, which ends up penalizing us against physical rivals like today's.
    After being very good from preseason to December, the Christmas break together with a bad month of January made us drop in level. Now, little by little, we are recovering our level and improving, but there is a lot of work ahead of us this month to finish the regular phase in the best possible way.
    On Thursday the 16th we received David Kornel in Vetési and on April 1 we finished the regular phase in Dunaújvaros in a four-way confrontation between A and B of each club.
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